don't stop until your'e proud
be you do you for you
what's for lunch?

Whatever the message we know how important it is to get it across and so at TOTL TomFoolery you can now personalise your order with one of our special bespoke "My Message" packs.

With the "Contemporary Bead Pack" included in the Full Kit you will get a bumper collection of letters that you can use to spell out countless messages but we know that sometimes you want to send a motivational message to a friend, a love note to a lover or a once in a lifetime question for a special occasion.

At your request we can put together individual small "My Message" packs containing specific letters. These will come in a small TOTL TomFoolery branded silver self seal pack.

You can then add a "Jewellery Making Essentials" pack to your order so that you can make a specific item of jewellery to spell out your special message OR we can send it directly to your special someone to make themselves.


To add a gift note to any TOTL TomFoolery order please just email us a request along with your order number as soon as you have confirmed your purchase to:

[email protected]